Committee on Nominations

Contact with the Committee on Nominations should be made through the NAST National Office.

The Committee on Nominations consists of five voting members and one non-voting consultant member as follows: (1) a chair and two other voting members appointed annually by the Board of Directors, (2) two voting members elected annually by the membership, and (3) the Immediate Past President of NAST, ex officio and non-voting.

Voting members of the Committee on Nominations must be official representatives of member institutions and shall be representative of different geographical areas, disciplines, and types of institutions.

NAST Committee on Nominations 2016-2017:

J. Kevin Doolen, Chair (2017)
Eastern Illinois University

Wendy Coleman (2017)
Alabama State University

Eric Lange (2017)
University of Northern Iowa

Kenneth L. Stilson (2017)
Southeast Missouri State University

Catherine Weidner (2017)
Ithaca College

Dan Carter
Immediate Past President, ex officio (2017)
Pennsylvania State University