Procedures for Institutions

The Procedures for Institutions document provides the process and instructions for applicants for NAST membership and accreditation. NAST institutional membership in any category is obtained and continued through reviews consistent with the principles and protocols of peer-review accreditation detailed in this document. Institutional membership signifies accreditation.Users of the Procedures for Institutions are encouraged to take full advantage of the flexibilities offered by NAST to design an accreditation review that meets their specific needs. NAST works with institutions to bring high levels of intellectual energy and artistic purpose to the accreditation process. The accreditation process is a means for working productively to build and strengthen relationships among theatre, education, and professional preparation. The process should not be considered an end in itself.

Please Note: NAST published the 2016 edition of the Membership Procedures documents in the fall of 2016. These documents, including Procedures for Institutions, as revised from time to time, are in force for those beginning the comprehensive review process from September of 2016 through August of 2024. All institutions preparing Self-Studies must use the September 2016 edition provided above.

The following documents must be used in conjunction with the Procedures for Institutions: