Affirmation Statement

Due Annually by July 1

Each year on or about June 1, NAST informs accredited institutional members of their responsibility to submit an Affirmation Statement. This three-page questionnaire requests information intended to provide assurance that all curricular programs under the purview of NAST and meeting NAST listing requirements have been or will be submitted for review and approval, and that substantive changes past, current, or projected have been or will be submitted for review and approval. Affirmation statements are an important part of the system for documenting continuing compliance with NAST standards.

The Affirmation Statement:

  1. Verifies that all curricular programs under the purview of NAST, thus meeting NAST eligibility requirements for review and/or listing (a) have been approved or (b) have been or will be submitted for review.
  2. Verifies that all substantive changes eligible for review that are past, current, or projected (a) have been approved or (b) have been or will be submitted for review.
  3. Verifies that all submissions for review and approval indicated in items 1. and 2. above will be forwarded to NAST in a manner and on a schedule consistent with the rules and guidelines of NAST.
  4. Verifies continuing compliance with NAST accreditation standards or reports changes that would affect or otherwise require a review for compliance with NAST accreditation standards.
  5. Is required annually of all accredited NAST member institutions.

Notifications regarding new or current curricula or substantive change on the Affirmation Statement are not substitutes for any required applications for Plan Approval or Substantive Change.

Affirmation Statements must be completed, signed, and returned to the National Office no later than July 1 of each year. Failure to submit the Affirmation Statement will initiate a Commission review (see NAST Handbook, Bylaws, Article I., Section 4.; Rules of Practice and Procedure, Part II., Article III., Section 1.C.).

Questions about the Affirmation Statement should be directed to Stephanie Blakely at the NAST National Office at 703-437-0700, extension 118, or by email at

Affirmation Statement Questionnaire(s):

Download this year’s 2020-2021 Affirmation Statement Questionnaire.

Please note that temporary short-term changes implemented in response to the effects of the coronavirus (i.e., the movement of coursework from on ground to online) need not to be reported on the Affirmation Statement Questionnaire. Changes made that are substantive in nature and intended to be permanent (i.e., the creation of new curricular programs which fall under the purview of NAST) should be noted on the Affirmation Statement Questionnaire. Should questions arise, please contact Paul Florek in the National Office (

If requested by the NAST Commission to submit the previous year’s Affirmation Statement, you may access the 2019-2020 Affirmation Statement Questionnaire, 2018-2019 Affirmation Statement Questionnaire, 2017-2018 Affirmation Statement Questionnaire, 2016-2017 Affirmation Statement Questionnaire, 2015 Affirmation Statement Questionnaire, or 2014 Affirmation Statement Questionnaire.

Affirmation Statement Questionnaire Video Instructions