Comprehensive Standards Reviews

Last Update: February 10, 2020

Comprehensive Standards Reviews consider the standards as a whole, or a complete set of standards (e.g., graduate, undergraduate, non-degree-granting, operational).

All draft proposals will be posted here as they are approved for public comment. Indications will be provided for each proposal regarding the type of review, the dates of comment periods, and whether the proposal is scheduled for hearings or for a final vote by the NAST membership.

Representatives of member institutions, students, theatre professionals, accreditors, interested parties, and the general public are cordially invited to read and comment on standards drafts. Before you begin, please take time to read Reviewing and Commenting on NAST Standards. You may also find it helpful to review the Frequently Asked Questions.

Those wishing to comment are asked to the Response Form provided under Reviewing and Commenting on NAST Standards. Although NAST will not be able to acknowledge every comment individually, the Association is grateful to those making specific suggestions. You need not comment if you think a text is satisfactory.

Status Report: Comprehensive Standards Reviews

The comment period for the comprehensive review of standards pertaining to Specific Operational Standards for Free-Standing Theatre Institution of Higher Education and Specific Operational Standards for Proprietary Institution of Higher Education extends from February 10 through April 27, 2020.