Janet Parrott

Member, Commission on Accreditation
Reelected March 2023; term ends March 2026

Janet Parrott is Professor of Theatre, Film, and Media Arts at Ohio State University. A member of the faculty since 2005, she was awarded Ohio State’s Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching in 2009, was an ASC Outstanding Teaching Award finalist in 2012, and received the Ronald and Deborah Ratner Distinguished Teaching Award in 2015.

As an independent dancer, performer, and filmmaker for over 25 years, Professor Parrott’s films have been screened at the Three Rivers Arts Festival, The Black Maria Film Festival, and the Columbus International Film Festival. In 2010, she produced and directed Song of the Soul: Stories of Hospice in South Africa, a documentary chronicling the lives of South African nurses, social workers and caregivers providing hospice to individuals with life-threatening illnesses. The film was distributed by Icarus Films and was the Viewer’s Choice Award at the 2011 Western Psychological Association Film Festival.

Professor Parrott was first elected to the Commission in 2020.

Professor Parrott earned a Master of Arts degree in Cinema and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Ohio State University.

Updated March 2023