Commission on Accreditation

Contact with the Commission on Accreditation should be made through the NAST National Office.

The Commission on Accreditation consists of a Chair and ten delegate members, all elected by the membership at large, and two Public Members. With the exception of the Public Members, each Commission member must have experience as a visiting evaluator. With the exception of the public members, the Commission is to be appropriately balanced to represent a variety of backgrounds and perspectives in theatre.

NAST Commission on Accreditation 2020-2021

David Z. Saltz, Chair (2023)
University of Georgia

Randal Blades (2022)
Jacksonville State University

Lawrence Dooley (2023)
Columbus State University

Shelly Elman (2022)
University of West Georgia

Beth Harper (2023)
Portland Actors Conservatory

Brian Jones (2022)
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Lawrence Larsen (2021)
University of Portland

Rick Lombardo (2023)
Pennsylvania State University

Jonathan Michaelsen (2021)
Indiana University

Janet Parrot (2023)
Ohio State University

Kristin Sosnowsky (2022)
Louisiana State University

David Young (2021)
Western Kentucky University

Public Members

Nancy Powell
Crownsville, Maryland

Cari Peretzman
Lewisville, Texas