NAST Handbook

Handbook and Any Current Addenda

NAST Handbook 2024-25 (PDF file)

Includes current NAST standards and guidelines for accredited institutional membership for degree- and non-degree-granting institutions in theatre, as well as the Association’s Constitution, Bylaws, Code of Ethics, and Rules of Practice and Procedure. It incorporates all recent revisions ratified by the NAST Membership, Board of Directors, and/or Commission on Accreditation through April 2024.

Addendum to the NAST Handbook 2023-24



All institutions and evaluators must follow standards and guidelines reflected in the latest edition of the NAST Handbook and any addenda current at the time of application.

In addition to the standards in Standards for Accreditation, Section II. of the Handbook, (1) free-standing theatre institutions of higher education that offer professional education and training in theatre are reminded that Standards for Accreditation XIX. apply and must be addressed, and (2) proprietary institutions of higher education must demonstrate compliance with Standards for Accreditation XX.