Sourcebook for Futures Planning and Supplements

The Sourcebook for Futures Planning and its Supplements I, II, III, and IV are a compendium of methods for analyzing future trends and conditions and their impact on theatre units. Liberally illustrated with charts, the workbook contains planning tools of varying complexity to enable theatre executives to select portions of particular applicability to their situations and experience.

  • Sourcebook for Futures Planning: Provides means for considering a variety of futures issues that concern schools and departments of theatre. The text focuses on how to ask good questions at the local level.
  • Supplement I: Provides additional planning tools and indicates some general applications of Sourcebook ideas.
  • Supplement II: Contains applications for K-12 education in theatre and strategic planning for faculty.
  • Supplement III: Contains applications for curriculum and program planning and for diversity and multicultural issues.
  • Supplement IV: Creating Your Self-Study: Contains the nature and multiple uses of institutional self-study reports. The primary focus is self-study for accreditation reviews, but other applications are possible.