Accredited Institutions

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The listing contains the names and addresses of all accredited institutional members, including degree-granting institutions, community/junior colleges, non-degree-granting schools, and community and precollegiate programs. Each institutional listing includes the year of initial accreditation; the date of the most recent on-site evaluation; the academic year of the next on-site evaluation; a brief description of the institution; the name of the theatre executive with contact information; and a list of all degrees/curricular programs in theatre offered by the institution that have received approval through appropriate action of the Commission on Accreditation.

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Guide to Interpreting Institutional Listings

  • Degree/Program Listings: Degrees and programs reviewed and approved through the accreditation process. New degrees or programs granted Plan Approval by the Commission on Accreditation appear in italics.
  • Parentheses in Degree/Program Listings: Parentheses indicate: areas of emphasis/tracks/concentrations within a major (the major area appears before the parentheses); whether a non-degree program is at the undergraduate or graduate level; a distance learning program.
  • Community Education Programs: The diamond symbol (◆) indicates a community education program for children, youth, or adults that has been reviewed and approved as part of the entire accredited program for the institution.
  • Multiple Listings: An institution will have two listings when its community education programs have been reviewed and approved as a separate unit within the entire institution.
  • Contacts: If no contact is listed under a branch campus, please consult the first contact for the institution.