Institutional Research

Addressing Local Issues

From time to time, local issues arise that would benefit from study of NAST materials. The following are the most common approaches.

Standards and Guidelines

Located in the NAST Handbook, standards and guidelines can clarify specific issues by providing the basis for comparing past, current, or proposed practices against norms established by vote of the NAST membership.


NAST publishes many documents that either provide analyses directly or suggest analytical scenarios and patterns.


There are many ways to apply statistics generated by the HEADS project to local situations. If you have questions, please contact the National Office.

Peer Schools Surveys

When targeted, detailed or arcane points arise and demand some statistical or common practice solution, it is often useful to poll a small sample of peer schools. The NAST listing of accredited institutional members can be useful in this process.

Staff Consultation

The NAST National Office staff may be able to provide information about schools that have faced similar issues.

Peer Consultation

Seeking advice from other theatre executives is a time-honored service provided by the network of NAST institutions. The NAST advanced search of accredited institutional members can be useful in seeking theatre executives.